Get Paid Upfront and Offer Your Customers the Payment Terms They Need

Increase revenue, reduce risk, and get paid within 1 business day upon approval regardless of invoice or transaction size.

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Increase B2B Sales
With Our Payment Solution

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Increase Revenue

Empower your customers to buy more with our on-demand financing solution 1 that’s proven to increase sales by 10-20%. 2

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Mitigate Payment Risk

Take control of your receivables. Behalf pays you within 1 business day 3 of all approved transactions.

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Reduce Cart Abandonment

Give your business customers the working capital they need to shop with confidence, so they can buy now and pay later.

Behalf Solutions

Behalf for Managed Sales

Managed Sales

Sales agents and account managers can use our automated application to extend no-fee net terms and qualify customers for financing, increasing average order value and loyalty.

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Behalf for Invoicing


Our application can also be integrated into your order management system or ERP so you can send payment requests to customers and process payments with a single click. Let Behalf make your existing accounts receivable team more efficient.

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Behalf eCommerce

Increase your revenue by giving your customers access to net terms and financing at your eCommerce checkout. Behalf is compatible with every eCommerce platform and has pre-built APIs or extensions available.

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How It Works

Pay and get paid how you want with best-in-class terms on every transaction.

OmniChannel Compatibility

Behalf is the only company that allows you to extend free net terms, offer financing and automate payments in all your b2b sales channels with a single solution.

Customized for You

Behalf supports b2b payments at all points of sale no matter your business model, invoice or transaction size.

Behalf Unlocks the Power of Terms on Everything You Buy or Sell. Our Partners Include:

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