Transforming B2B Commerce with In-Purchase Financing*

The B2B eCommerce market — $4 trillion and growing — is ripe for transformation. Business buyers are seeking the same digital buying experience they enjoy as consumers, and business merchants are looking for ways to drive average order size (AOV), same-session checkout rates and customer loyalty.

At the same time, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need access to affordable financing options — an evergreen challenge exacerbated by recent events.

Behalf offers an alternative B2B financing solution that is tailor-made for real-time commerce across e-tail, assisted selling and other merchant sales channels. Behalf’s in-purchase financing solution enables merchants to outsource their net terms & extended financing programs, and receive payment as early as the next business day. Merchants see significant increases in their business customers’ spending power without the need to tie-up capital or devote precious resources to the business of credit and collections. Behalf provides business customers with access to apply for financing in real-time, from NET-30 to up to 180 days’ financing. Businesses apply for the precise duration at the individual transaction level — enabling them to match specific purchases with anticipated sales revenue.

Behalf’s proprietary financial underwriting and scoring models allow Behalf and it’s partner Bank to assess financial risk and offer appropriate financing options to buyers across the business spectrum. Behalf is offered by an array of merchants across the electronics, mobile phone resale, business supplies, medical and health, home/hardware and other merchant categories. And business customers who check-out with Behalf via the Virtual Card can utilize Behalf at any business merchant that accepts Visa.

Behalf has on-boarded over 21,000 merchants and 135,000 business customers, and provided over $1 billion in financing. We invite you to join the Behalf network of merchants and business customers today!

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*Subject to underwriting approval. Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice. See Simple Financing Examples. Each Financing Offer is made post enrollment with Behalf with each approved application for financing or transaction request. Enrollment into the Behalf Customer Portal (internet online account registration) is subject to Behalf eligibility checks of the business entity customer and responsible party connected to the business.  Businesses are assigned a Purchasing Limit, and preliminary information is presented on potential options regarding business financing, including information on potential financing period, and the anticipated estimated monthly financing cost at the time of enrollment with Behalf. The Purchasing Limit is not a line of credit but rather the total dollar amount of financing applications accepted at transaction. The financing details of the Financing Offer are confirmed when the enrolled Behalf customer applies for financing through a transaction request. 


Extended Financing options include an estimated 30-180 days of commercial purpose financing.  Monthly cost may vary based upon financing product and amount financed.  See Legal Disclosures for further details.   


Behalf’s NET option is an alternative financing method offered through Select Merchants and allows the Business Customer to pay no financing fees if the Order Request is satisfied in full and in accordance with terms and conditions within 30 days. Estimated Monthly Debit(s) as listed in the portal under the Transaction Summary will set forth the estimated timing (the “Debit Schedule”) and amount (the “Debit Amount”) of the expected debits of the Total Outstandings and the amount of the Order Payment. 


The Virtual Card is not a credit card but a merchant payout vehicle whereby Behalf is the cardholder of the VISA card issued through Regions Bank and processor Stripe, Inc.; Behalf customers are assigned a number for checkout, as authorized users, for approved transactions to facilitate the processing of the financing proceeds directly to the merchant. Transactions must be individually underwritten and approved before each Virtual Card use. Standard credit card processing fees may apply. Business hours are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. EST to 6 p.m. EST excluding federally observed holidays. Processing time subject to Cut-off times, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. EST to 5 p.m. EST.  Delays may occur, e.g., when more information required.


Visit to review our comprehensive program terms, conditions and disclosures. Questions should be directed to 1-(877) 943-9962.


All Merchant Cash Advances are made by Behalf.  


All business loans are made by FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank located in Murray, Utah, member FDIC, Equal Opportunity Lender.  For more information on ECOA CLICK HERE. For more information about opening a new account, review USA Patriot Act HERE.  For more information on the Loan Program CLICK HERE.

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