Eliminate the cost and complexity
of B2B credit with the Behalf Payment API

Behalf is helping B2B Merchants transform
their payment suite with real-time
credit decisions and payment approvals.
Our API supports flexible customization,
allowing you to engineer growth
within all your existing sales channels.

Or get up and running in minutes with one of our Extensions
BigCommerce is a leading
e-commerce platform for
fast-growing businesses.
The Behalf App will allow
your business customers to
apply for terms and checkout
without leaving your online store.
Magento is a modern cloud
e-commerce platform with an
open-source ecosystem.
The Behalf Extension will allow
your business customers to
apply for terms and checkout
without leaving your online store.
Behalf API can be integrated to any platform

A payment method built for B2B sales

Net Terms and Flexible Financing

Offer financing and best-in-class terms to customers that need more time to pay, so they can grow their business.

Streamlined Checkout

We automate the underwriting process, so your customers can check their eligibility, select their terms, and checkout within your website.

Risk Free

When you offer Behalf as a payment method at checkout, we help guarantee your payments and take care of collections.

Easy Integration, Huge Value

The Behalf API integrates seamlessly into your payment flow to automate orders of all sizes and maximize sales.

Behalf Payment App

Add the Behalf App in your payment flow to allow your buyers to get approved for credit and select custom payment terms in seconds. Get Behalf up and running with a single line of code.

e-Commerce Checkout

Our easy-to-implement JavaScript SDK gives your customers the option to apply for financing and use their funds at checkout.

Payments managment

Use the REST API to create new payments and manage existing payments, so you can offer Behalf to customers at any point of sale.

Created for merchants, designed with developers in mind

Seamless Checkout Flow

Gain repeat customers by providing the most streamlined and comfortable payment experience.

Speedy Implementation

Go live in no time with our quick, easy-to-read documentation.

Customizable Display

You can maintain your brand’s look & feel, when you offer Behalf.

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