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Days Sales Outstanding

How to Close the Gap on Your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) | Behalf

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How to Close the Gap on Your DSO How effectively do you monitor your accounts receivable department? Every company gets paid on a unique timeline that’s largely dependent on its business model. To evaluate the efficacy of your company’s payment processing, look at your company’s DSO. DSO measures the average amount of time it takes for your company to collect payment on its sales. The lower the DSO, the faster your company profits from its sales. Your company’s DSO is…

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Increasing average order value (aov)

Increasing Average Order Value (AOV) | Behalf

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Increasing Average Order Value (AOV) If you’re in sales, you’re used to working under pressure. In fact, you thrive on it. On a day-to-day basis your company depends on your team to acquire new customers, grow repeat business, and deliver on several critical company KPIs. However, if Average Order Value or “AOV” is one of the KPIs you’re responsible for, your company may need to think more broadly. AOV, along with # of new customers and new billed business, is…

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2 Reasons to Ditch the Invoice Factoring Calculator | Behalf

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2 Reasons to Ditch the Invoice Factoring Calculator Factoring is a popular financing solution for companies with slow cash conversion cycles. The longer it takes companies to convert their inventory into profits, the more cash gets tied up in their business cycle. More often than not these companies offer trade credit or lenient payment terms, so they experience significant payment delays. They resort to factoring because it’s convenient. Selling receivables is fast cash and takes the burden of collections off…

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How to Improve Your Business Cash Flow | Behalf

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How to Improve Your Business Cash Flow Healthy growing businesses cycle through cash daily, covering operational expenses, raking in profits and paying off debts. If your small business is like a well-oiled machine, its cash flow is constantly in motion. For that reason, it can be tough to differentiate natural dips in revenue from a severe cash flow deficiency. All businesses naturally experience cash flow gaps, but small businesses, who generally operate with low capital reserves, are more vulnerable to…

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Build business credit

3 Tips to Perfect Your Business Credit | Behalf

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3 Tips to Perfect Your Business Credit Believe it or not, not all businesses have business credit. Many private companies operate in a cash environment, leaving no public footprint to result in a business credit profile. Sole proprietorships are even more likely to lack business credit, as many small business owners fund their company with a personal credit card. Unlike personal credit, business credit does not naturally build as your company ages. But like a good personal credit score, a…

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