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Celebrate your small business customers

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Business Customers for #SmallBizWeek

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Celebrate Your Business Customers for #SmallBizWeek National Small Business Week is here! How is your company going to celebrate? You don’t have to be a small business to participate. Between April 30th and May 6th we all pause to recognize the significant contribution small businesses make to the economy. According to the SBA, small businesses account for 54% of U.S. sales and 55% of U.S. jobs. Together, small businesses drive the majority of economic growth. That being said, it’s survival…

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6 keys to an effective marketing strategy

6 Keys to Building an Effective SEO Marketing Strategy | Behalf

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6 Keys to an Effective SEO Marketing Strategy Here’s the deal, every business owner is looking for the best way to leverage their website, blog, and social media platform to increase their following, grow their brand and ramp up their business. If you’re not getting in on the SEO action, you are either in a high-demand niche market with more business than you can handle or you’re falling behind your competitors. So what do you do to keep ahead of…

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Marketing Media SEO Tips

Marketing Media: 5 Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses | Behalf

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5 Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses Every day the Internet grows larger and larger in size. For your small business, this can seem rather intimidating. You would like to compete for the attention of massive amounts of traffic, but it does not take long to realize that your small company website is just one destination a user might land on among billions of websites. For this reason, it is important to employ powerful SEO techniques to ensure that your…

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Boost your net working capital this Spring

How to Boost Your Net Working Capital this Spring | Behalf

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Boost Your Business Net Working Capital Spring is in the air! It’s time to make sure you have the purchase capacity to take advantage of the discounts and special offers that will ensure you and your customers get the best deals. First, you’ll need to understand how much net working capital you have moving into the new season. Net working capital is the funds available that you use to cover your daily operational expenses and short terms business needs. To…

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Customer's lack of net working capital hurting sales

Is Your Customer’s Net Working Capital Hurting Your Sales | Behalf

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What’s hurting your company’s sales performance? Large corporations spend a fortune mining user experience data trying to glean insights into what is hurting their sales. However, years of studying phenomena like shopping cart abandonment can only expose certain aspects of the customer mindset. The fact is there are many factors influencing a business customer’s decision to buy or not to buy on any given day. As you review your own customer dynamics, the biggest challenge preventing you from hitting your…

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