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Priority and Behalf Announce Collaboration to Deliver Flexible Cash Flow Solutions

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Alpharetta, GA and New York, September 22, 2020 -- To help businesses adjust to the disruption in cash flow due to the impact of the pandemic, Priority Payment Systems and Priority Commercial Payments have teamed up with Behalf, Inc. to provide flexible cashflow solutions for small businesses. This new collaboration offers Priority’s business customers a better way to sustain business operations by financing business purchases at checkout with a choice of net terms or extended purchase financing. Companies choosing to...
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business options for financial relief: modifying or postponing payments

Business Options for Financial Relief: Modifying or Postponing Payments

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What is it? Many landlords, auto loan, and insurance companies are able to provide financial assistance in the form of delayed payments for customers impacted by coronavirus by offering a deferment or a forbearance. To avoid defaulting on payments, a due-date change, deferment or forbearance will delay payments if a customer can sufficiently demonstrate a temporary inability to pay to their Creditor. In some instances a deferment can be interest-free. Is my business eligible for this? Creditors may provide financial...
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business options for financial relief: payroll tax credits

Business Options for Financial Relief: Payroll Tax Credit

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In addition to loans provided by the SBA, the IRS has its own program to support businesses in the wake of COVID-19. What is it? The IRS has created an Employee Retention 2020 Tax Credit that, for eligible businesses, could equal up to 50% of the wages paid to employees. Credit is given for the first $10,000 of salary, including health benefits, paid to each eligible employee. Applies to qualified employee wages paid after March 12, 2020, and before January...
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A Startup Guide to Selling Amazon FBA

A Startup Guide To Selling Amazon FBA

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If you ask the average Amazon seller how they feel about FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), you'll likely get a mix of positive and negative opinions. The decision to hand over logistical responsibilities depends entirely on your style of business, and the work you're able to put into it. Selling through FBA can be a great way to make money. Amazon isn't going anywhere. It’s growing with a year-over-year revenue increase of over 20%. To help you get up and running,...
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maximize your tax refund with these 5 tax tips

Maximize Your Tax Refund with These 5 Tax Tips

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It’s likely that as a small business owner or entrepreneur, no one has ever accused you of being a tax expert. Most people aren’t it seems: a survey of small businesses showed that 93% had overpaid their taxes over the past dozen years. Those of you fighting in the trenches of small business know how hard it can be. Margins are razor thin and everyone is fighting for your market share. The last thing you need to worry about is...
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