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Yulia Vereshagina

Case Study: A National Electronics Distributor Boosts Sales & Customer Loyalty

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Behalf delivered virtual financing solutions to a national electronics distributor that resulted in tremendous growth in total sales revenue and customer loyalty. The Challenge The national electronics distributor struggled to break through their sales plateau, and was looking to boost sales revenue by offering pay-over-time solutions to their wholesale customers. The Solution   Behalf proposed a pilot where the distributor would offer their wholesale customers the ability to sign up for net terms or financing at the point of sale,…

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How to Increase B2B eCommerce Sales

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B2B eCommerce transactions are growing quickly. According to Forrester Research, B2B eCommerce in the United States will hit $1.8 trillion by 2023. How can businesses take advantage of the trend and find new avenues for growth? In this blog, we highlight three ways merchants can increase sales by embracing B2B eCommerce. 1. Personalize the Buying Experience B2B buyers expect the same personalization they experience in B2C to translate into business purchasing. Sixty-five percent of business buyers say they’d switch brands…

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Behalf B2B Payments Guide

Top B2B Payment Trends: A Guide to Business Success

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Throughout history, people have relied on diverse payment methods to purchase goods and services – from bartering systems and coins to tally sticks and cash. Fast forward to today, and you can make a purchase virtually, without any payment physically changing hands. Advances in technology and evolving customer demands are transforming how we pay and get paid. It happened first in retail, but we’re now seeing significant growth in business-to-business eCommerce. Right now, the B2B digital payments market is forecasted…

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How to Get the Working Capital You Need to Grow Your Business

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Small business owners understand the dilemma rapid growth can bring. Business is booming, sales are up, but the funds to purchase inventory and supplies aren’t yet available. To scale, you need to get working capital to fulfill all the new orders flowing in. Because there are many types of working capital available, it can be daunting to choose a solution that’s best for your business. Bank loan? Invoice financing? Your personal credit card? You could. But the trouble with traditional…

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Behalf Partners with Visa to Offer Flexible B2B Financing

Behalf Partners with Visa to Offer Flexible B2B Financing

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New technology is changing the business landscape and reducing the amount of paper-based transactions. This trend toward digital payments has led Behalf to partner with Visa and extend businesses of all sizes access to working capital. Customers with a Behalf account can now pay with a virtual Visa card — a payment solution that provides flexible financing options for business purchases.* In this blog, we’ll touch on how Behalf’s virtual Visa provides on-demand purchase financing with the convenience of a…

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