Behalf for Managed Sales

Your sales team can send business customers online to apply for no-fee net terms or financing, regardless of transaction size. 1

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Behalf for Managed Sales gives businesses the power to:

How It Works

  1. Your sales agent sends the customer a link to apply online for Behalf financing.
    This can be done through the Behalf Merchant/Customer Portal or CRM integration.
  2. Once the customer signs up they’ll receive a real-time prequalification decision.
  3. You can choose to be paid via ACH or virtual card.
  4. You get paid by the next business day after transaction approval. 

Transparent Pricing

Merchant Transaction Fee*
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* Rates vary and are subject to change based upon multiple business factors. When transactions are processed via virtual card, Behalf will not charge a transaction fee: only regular credit card processing fees apply. Assumes a 2% transaction fee when transactions are processed via ACH. Subject to Merchant Terms and Conditions.

Integrating Behalf in your sales process is easy.

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