How Do Your Customers Buy? 3 Tips To Increase B2B sales

By March 31, 2016B2B

It’s a typical month and you’re excited. You’re product is looking great and your sales teams are vamping up their efforts.

But, sales aren’t skyrocketing as much as planned. What gives?

The new state of B2B buying

Your B2B customers aren’t just changing the way they buy- they’re changing the way they think about making purchases. What used to be a conversation between buyer and seller now includes digital research and social platforms. This means that often a customer has already decided whether or not they’re interested in your product, before you’ve even had a chance to pitch it to them!

In fact, according to McKinsey, B2B customers regularly uses 6 different channels to research a product. But, 65% of these customers end their product research feeling frustrated by inconsistencies.

Focusing on your customer’s journey

Give your customers a clear understanding of what you have to follow by following these 3 tips:

1) Map out your customer journey

Evaluate where your customer spends his time and how he gets his information. Does he read the industry newsletter or is he spending hours on Quora? Presence in the different social and industry channels can ensure that you’re meeting customers at critical points throughout the sales process.

2) Have your efforts follow your customers (and not the other way around)

Once you have pinpointed where your most valuable customers are, make sure that your sales and marketing budgets follow. Test new opportunities and try new things!

3) Ensure marketing and sales are in sync

Include marketing and sales in each conversation when strategizing and evaluating customer’s journey. This ensures all of your efforts are directed at the customer and can greatly improve response time.

Understanding your customer

Customers on their customer journey are looking for clear and concise information. In fact, providing your customers with valuable information can lead to a 20% increase in leads, 10% growth in first-time customers and a 20% decrease in the time it takes to qualify a lead and close a deal.