A New Name for Zazma

By September 21, 2014Behalf News
A New Name for Zazma

Starting as Zazma

From the very beginning, our company mission was clear: to create a completely new path to small business purchase financing.

Especially since the credit crunch, traditional financial institutions seemed to watch out for themselves, and their risk. The name that we were looking for had to describe us without any baggage from the long process of getting approval at a bank, or the high interest rates of credit cards and merchant cash advances.

With two “z”s in the word, the word Zazma felt innovative and edgy, bringing the techy sound to the traditional world of finance. Zazma meant nothing, but it was precisely its openness that attracted our founders.

Looking at our company

Over the years, the name Zazma became a part of our company’s history and our mission for a fresh take on small business purchase financing.

By looking at thousands of data points that are much more individualized than just your FICO score, we started breaking the mold, by offering small businesses credit even at times when they had nowhere else to turn. And just as we had believed, they were paying us back.

But as we developed relationships with our customers, we realized that the “z” in Zazma sounded too harsh, and was hard for some customers to pronounce.

The time for change had arrived.

Becoming Behalf

We wanted our name to better reflect our goal of helping small businesses by working as hard as we can on their behalf. Whether ordering new seasonal inventory, preparing for the holidays, or driving an extra campaign, we want to be able to fund your business growth.

Our name had to be more indicative of WHO we are, with a sense of purpose and mission for WHAT we do.

While talking to our customers and their vendors, we often stripped away the complexities, and introduced ourselves with the simplest language that describes our business:

“We pay on your behalf, and you pay us back on your terms.”

Our core differentiator in the space of small business purchase financing is that we connect small business borrowers and vendors, offering higher approval rates for business customers, with no risk to the vendors.

After trying to choose whether to be direct or creative, we discovered the one word that says it all. We fell in love with our new name.


There’s no easier way to introduce ourselves in one word. Simple. Familiar. To the point. No hidden meaning.

Our new name reflects exactly who we are and what we do – we pay vendors on your behalf.

And ultimately, we work on your behalf to help you grow your business.