Behalf Partners with Visa to Offer Flexible B2B Financing

Behalf Partners with Visa to Offer Flexible B2B Financing

New technology is changing the business landscape and reducing the amount of paper-based transactions. This trend toward digital payments has led Behalf to partner with Visa and extend businesses of all sizes access to working capital.

Customers with a Behalf account can now pay with a virtual Visa card — a payment solution that provides flexible financing options for business purchases.*

In this blog, we’ll touch on how Behalf’s virtual Visa provides on-demand purchase financing with the convenience of a Visa.

How It Works

Behalf recognizes the potential that all businesses, large and small, have to help the economy, but we understand that sometimes they need a jumpstart. Whether organizations need to make inventory purchases to support turnover, or simply have a large amount of receivables and are looking to automate and outsource terms programs so they don’t need to be managed in-house, Behalf’s virtual Visa card can help with flexible financing solutions.

Business owners can quickly and easily apply for a purchasing line with Behalf — the application process only takes a few minutes, and applicants are notified when they’re approved. Then, they can start buying the items they need and pay for them over time with an automatic payment schedule that works on their terms.

Behalf can be used to pay virtually any merchant who accepts Visa over the phone, online, or in-store. Like a credit card, it comes with a card number, security code, and an expiration date that users provide at checkout — it’s as simple as that.

For business customers, Behalf’s partnership with Visa offers a solution to everyday purchasing challenges. Merchants who offer convenient net term payment options through Behalf create a better customer experience. Here are three key benefits of Behalf’s flexible payment option:

Sometimes getting a customer to the point of sale isn’t enough. A quick change of mind or a high price tag shouldn’t stand in the way of closing. Behalf provides flexible purchase financing so business customers can buy what they need now and pay later over time.

When you provide financing options to customers, not only do you accelerate your receivables, but you also increase your AOV and customer loyalty by allowing customers to pay on their schedule.

Behalf’s CEO and Co-Founder, Benjy Feinberg, believes the new Visa offering will help business owners focus on big-picture demands rather than worrying about purchase needs — especially unexpected ones that arise during low cash flow seasons.

“With our virtual Visa card product, we’re creating a bridge between almost all merchants that accept credit cards and growing businesses. Our customers can focus less on how they’ll pay and more on streamlining and scaling their businesses.”

With the movement away from paper checks and manual sales processes toward eCommerce, it’s necessary to create secure payment networks. Whether a company is looking for a reliable way to pay for business purchases or a vendor is looking to provide its consumers with a safer payment process, Behalf’s payment solution with Visa offers just that.

“Behalf has demonstrated a commitment to expanding the purchasing power of all businesses by using digital payments to offer faster, more convenient and secure experiences,” said David Simon, global head of small business and medium enterprises at Visa.

While manual invoicing and paper checks are still common in B2B payments, it can be a time-consuming process. With Behalf’s flexible, digitally-driven payment services, payments are more convenient and easier to access. This means that businesses can make larger purchases — faster — giving them a leg up when they need it most.

Interested in learning how Behalf’s partnership with Visa can help your business grow? Our team is here to help!

*Using Behalf will not impact the Business Contact’s personal credit report, as Behalf conducts soft inquiries only. Merchants are subject to approval criteria. Customers are subject to underwriting and account approval criteria. Most approvals happen same day on completed submissions. Delays could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, or additional information or verification required. Assuming the transaction is paid with virtual credit card, the majority of payments are made the same business day. If the transaction is made with ACH, it will be processed the next business day, which can take up to 3.5 calendar days (i.e.: if transaction occurs after ACH cutoff time: Thursday at 6pm PST). Delays could occur due to unforeseen circumstances, or additional information or verification required. Loans and advances assigned at transaction checkpoint.