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By May 9, 2016Business Financing
Small businesses need to re-invest in business financing options.

Last week was specifically dedicated to honoring small businesses throughout the country. And, for good reason. Small businesses provide nearly half of the US’ goods and services and create two out of every three new jobs.

But, while small businesses continue to fuel our economy they also face many obstacles, especially when they are exploring business financing options.

According to The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the two biggest challenges for small business owners are access to business credit and maintaining healthy cash flow. With so many business financing options how can you ensure you’re making the right financial moves for your small business?

Behalf CEO Benjy Feinberg recently published a post on the Weebly Inspiration Center explaining how to approach your small business credit so your business financing supports and doesn’t harm your business. Small business owners need to have a clear understanding of their business financing needs and cash flow cycle, as well as the total cost of financing for each of their options.

Read the full post on the Weebly Inspiration Center here.