The Ideal Payment Solution for Small and Medium Business Owners

By January 21, 2013Business Financing

Behalf is the ideal solution to provide small business loans to run your business and make payments to your suppliers. With a simple and quick application and approval process, funding of up to $5,000 is released directly to your suppliers so that you can focus your energies on running a successful and prosperous business and leave the business funding up to Behalf on orders from your suppliers.

Behalf Mission

We understand the hurdles and headaches you may face as a small business owner and want to help minimize them and save you time. Behalf eliminates the hassle of waiting for cash to free up so that you can move forward with new business opportunities and exciting and profitable ventures. We provide business financing so that our customers can focus on growing and succeeding.

The Typical Behalf Customer

Behalf customers represent a variety of exciting and cutting edge industries. Recipients of our small business funds are granted to companies that focus on everything from technology to manufacturing to construction and beyond.

How it Works

The Behalf process is easy and satisfaction–guaranteed for both you and your supplier. You apply, we approve business funding and the supplier gets paid.

Simply visit and provide basic details about your business and desired purchase to see if you pre-qualify for up to $50,000 in business credit.

The Benefits of being a Behalf Customer

Behalf provides a quick and easy solution for funding purchases that you make as a small or medium business owner. Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits:

Simple Sign up Process- You can easily apply at to fund your business. Payments are available around the clock. Small business loans are easily approved.

Flexible and Accommodating to Your Needs- Behalf is flexible in repayments. Your repayment is scheduled by you! Customers are rewarded discounts for paying back early.

Quick Cash- Behalf relieves worries and stress of payments and provides up to $5,000 so that you can focus on running your small or medium business.

No Waiting time – With Behalf, the pain of filling out long forms, completing paperwork and endlessly waiting are completely done away with. You tell us who you want to pay and we provide funding of up to $5,000 on your behalf.

Behalf Account Access

As a Behalf customer, we grant you access to view all your transactions. It’s easy to stay in the loop of what is going on. Simply log into your account and view recent transactions and decide when you want to make repayment on your business grant.