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6 keys to an effective marketing strategy

6 Keys to an Effective SEO Marketing Strategy

Here’s the deal, every business owner is looking for the best way to leverage their website, blog, and social media platform to increase their following, grow their brand and ramp up their business. If you’re not getting in on the SEO action, you are either in a high-demand niche market with more business than you can handle or you’re falling behind your competitors. So what do you do to keep ahead of SEO trends and corner the market on marketing?

1) Forget the Fads

When it comes down to it, there’s no replacement for building relationships, offering something people want and making sure your site is user friendly. The latest SEO trend isn’t going to magically save those businesses that haven’t put in the effort to connect with their customers online. There are always new SEO trends to follow, but like big shoulder pads and leg warmers, not all of them will have a lasting impact on your business’ online presence.

Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule. For example, in 2017 you can expect to see rich answers matter more and more in SEO rankings, as search engines attempt to take over the task of providing information to searchers and offer featured answers to long-tailed questions.

2) Understand your Keywords

The keyword craze is starting to die down as search engine algorithms are refined to give users more valuable results from their searches. What does this mean for your business’ SEO? While you still want to optimize keywords that rank for your business, search engines are now smart enough to value context. Having the exact phrase appear on your site is not as valuable as having the right answers. Any keyword you put in your metadata or headline needs support from content that follows through with usable information.

3) Offer Quality SEO Content

Providing strong content builds trust with both the search engines and your site visitors. Content for the sake of content doesn’t bring the visitor back to you again and again—and you want repeat site visitors. Build a valuable knowledge bank with your SEO content. It will require continual effort to maintain, but aim to be the site that other people in your field link to.

4) Like the Links

Your SEO content will rank higher and increase your site visibility the more you are linked to. You want to be seen as an authority site and a source of valuable information. Quality SEO content that is widely shared drives readers of other sites to you organically and boosts your site’s SEO ranking. Don’t annoy your readers with over-linking, but do link-back to the pages that link to you. This builds a mutually beneficial SEO relationship. One other thing to remember: what works for now may have consequences in the future, so be sure you are not violating any search engine rules that will earn you penalties later.

5) Lighten your Load

Simple designs and byte-light features are key. You want your SEO content to load quickly, not just because users have no patience to wait the extra millisecond, but because mobile searches are taking over. Not only do you want your site to be adapted to viewing on mobile devices—your SEO strategy needs to plan for them too. The faster your content is accessible on any device the better, as search engines are starting to favor sites with accelerated mobile load times.

6) Ask the Experts

At some point, you should consider hiring a PR firm or your very own SEO marketing consultant. There are a lot of aspects of SEO that require expert knowledge you might not have the time to master. In that case, call for reinforcements but don’t just hire anyone who says they can do the job. Check out their portfolio. Ask them if they have a master’s in public relations. Look at their website, blog and social media content. Social media can boost or break your brand. Hire an individual with a deep understanding of the crossover between traditional and social media channels and an ability to use all of them effectively. These are absolute requirements, if you want to find someone who is able meet your unique SEO marketing needs.

Realistically, you probably won’t generate millions of new organic search visitors your first day out the gate, but with patience you will establish a powerful online presence that will last your business for years to come. Sure, you could luck out and go viral, but even then you need something to back it up to stay relevant and counting on luck isn’t quite as effective as developing a content-rich SEO marketing strategy.

That being said, a well developed SEO marketing strategy needs a budget to match. Whether you take on SEO marketing yourself or decide to outsource, you will need a way to pay for SEO tools and software so your business can start seeing returns. Consider expanding your marketing budget with Behalf. Behalf is a flexible payment method that can increase your budget up to $50,000 with a revolving credit line. You can pay for recurring expenses, as well as the large business purchases you don’t want weighing down your business credit card. They send payment on your behalf instantly, while you get to extend payment up to six months on a customized payment schedule. Don’t let your journey to effective SEO drain your business cash reserve. Behalf can be used in place of cash or check and is accepted anywhere within the MasterCard network.

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