Bringing Uber To Your Financing

By October 19, 2015Fintech

Every aspect of our lives seems to have become digital. You can go shoe shopping and reconnect with old college buddies, all with the click of a button.

Yet, when it comes to our finances, the whole process suddenly stops. We’re transported back a number of years, to the era of paperwork, lines and a whole lot of waiting.

So writes Kristen Bellstrom in “What Fintech Companies Can Learn From Uber” on Fortune. The article discusses how Uber should be the ultimate model for finance companies to emulate.

Why should Fintech companies model themselves after a transportation app?

As Heather Cox, Chief Client Experience, Digital and Marketing Officer at Citi Global Consumer Banking explains in the post, “They [Uber] make it so…easy.”

That really hits the nail on the head. The goal of alternative finance is to bring the speed and comfort of the digital age to your finances. And even perfect it.

How are Fintech companies bringing Uber to the finance space?

Using alternative financing to fund your B2B transactions means you can qualify and receive funding within a matter of minutes. No paperwork. No lines.

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Read the full article “What Fintech Companies Can Learn From Uber” on Fortune.