Announcing Our Partnership With FinWise Bank

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We’ve entered into a partnership with FinWise Bank to expand our business credit offering. This partnership strengthens our resources and helps us empower more businesses with the on-demand cash flow tools they need to grow. Effective today, a portion of Behalf accounts will be funded by FinWise and we plan a full transition of our portfolio by the end of the year. What This Means For Our Customers There are no significant changes to our current product offering. As your…

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3 Ways to Reduce DSO

3 Ways to Reduce your Company’s Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) | Behalf

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How to Reduce Your Company’s DSO As most corporate decision makers will tell you, one of the most difficult aspects of running a business of any size is getting paid in a timely manner. At the same time, getting customers to make their payments on time is crucial to improving cash flow and keeping your company afloat. For that reason, most companies invest in a robust accounts receivable department to track customer payments and optimize cash inflow. In order to…

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The ultimate business credit guide

The Ultimate Business Credit Guide | Behalf

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How does business credit work? Most of us are aware of the importance of good personal credit and regularly take steps to improve and protect our score. Your business credit is just as important and plays a critical role in the long term success of your business. Unlike personal credit, business credit is not attached to your social security number; it’s linked to a business’ Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN). A business credit score is an…

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Days Sales Outstanding

How to Close the Gap on Your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) | Behalf

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How to Close the Gap on Your DSO How effectively do you monitor your accounts receivable department? Every company gets paid on a unique timeline that’s largely dependent on its business model. To evaluate the efficacy of your company’s payment processing, look at your company’s DSO. DSO measures the average amount of time it takes for your company to collect payment on its sales. The lower the DSO, the faster your company profits from its sales. Your company’s DSO is…

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Increasing average order value (aov)

Increasing Average Order Value (AOV) | Behalf

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Increasing Average Order Value (AOV) If you’re in sales, you’re used to working under pressure. In fact, you thrive on it. On a day-to-day basis your company depends on your team to acquire new customers, grow repeat business, and deliver on several critical company KPIs. However, if Average Order Value or “AOV” is one of the KPIs you’re responsible for, your company may need to think more broadly. AOV, along with # of new customers and new billed business, is…

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