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Marketing Media SEO Tips

5 Effective SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Every day the Internet grows larger and larger in size. For your small business, this can seem rather intimidating. You would like to compete for the attention of massive amounts of traffic, but it does not take long to realize that your small company website is just one destination a user might land on among billions of websites. For this reason, it is important to employ powerful SEO techniques to ensure that your website is generating the traffic it needs. The following SEO tips can help you accomplish this goal more effectively.

1) SEO Research and Tracking

To determine the best SEO approaches for your company’s website, it is always important to spend some quality time researching and growing with the trends that exist in the online marketplace. You may even find that working with a digital creative agency has the potential to breathe new life into your SEO efforts. When trying any new SEO approach, it is always important to track its success and, if necessary, switch out poor performing techniques with those that prove to significantly increase your web presence and attract more high quality traffic to your company website.

2) Auto-ping Your Blog Posts

Since blogging is a great way to build a regular following for your business online, it is helpful to utilize a SEO-friendly blogging platform, such as WordPress, that can be set to auto-ping your optimized blog posts. By auto-pinging your blog content, you alert search engines to crawl your site for SEO every time you post new material. This in turn helps search engines direct traffic to your site in a timely manner so they can read the latest post or article your blog has to offer. Auto-pinging does the work for you, saving you a monumental amount of time and effort.

3) Focus Your SEO Content

Search engines typically favor authority sites and prioritize them over other websites in their SEO rankings. One way to get popular search engines to see your website as an authority site is to spend considerable time focusing your company’s SEO content. The more niche specific and relevant the information is in your content, the more likely search engines will view your site as an authority site and increase your company website’s SEO rankings.

4) Social Media Support

Presenting your business to the masses is all part of the process of leveraging social media to your advantage. Social media is a low cost way to boost SEO rankings and gain more traction on the web. Whether you attract customers with a Twitter feed or introduce a YouTube video that goes viral, the end result will inevitably promote your business as having a stronger web presence than those companies who do not take the time to leverage social media to their advantage and connect with their consumer base.

5) Affiliating Your Company with Other Major Websites

Another way to expand the reach of your SEO efforts and grow your company’s online presence is to get other websites to talk about and promote your company’s website and brand. When reputable companies are talking about your small company in a positive light, you gain access to a great deal of the traffic that visits their sites. According to Moz, companies who link out to other reputable websites tend to outperform companies that do not link out to other websites; consequently, this is a must for any business trying to get ahead of the competition.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to developing a solid web presence, a lot of ground can be gained by utilizing effective SEO techniques. This can help your company grab a larger market share while improving its online reputation. It can also make a huge difference in the level of online success your small business experiences from one quarter to the next.

Consider expanding your marketing budget so you can purchase SEO software for your business and work with an SEO agency or consultant. Both can help you refine your digital marketing strategy, targeting the specific keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site and tracking your rankings across search engines.

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