A Supplier to Small and Medium Businesses

By November 13, 2013Small Business

Many of us are familiar with the trials and tribulations of being a supplier to small and medium businesses. While there are many rewards associated with supplying goods, equipment or services to up and coming businesses and watching them flourish, there is also the worry of receiving payment on time. Often suppliers need to maintain generous relationships with small and medium business owners who cannot meet payments on time and this is a risk that affects the supplier’s business in turn.

Common Issues as a Supplier

Many times, suppliers are faced with the dilemma of generously extending credit lines to their customers, businesses that are attempting to push of the ground. This can create risk and expose the supplier’s own company to the dangers of not receiving payments on time in order to cover their own costs as a company looking to profitably succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Furthermore, suppliers often decide to delay delivery of goods to their customers based on payment schedule. This also affects the supplier’s business as it is difficult to forecast and determine demand. If it is related to goods, there are several key factors to consider including manufacturing, shipping, preparation, and shelf life. If the supplier provides services then scheduling of resources and planning need to be factored in in advance. With both goods and services, previous and additional customer orders must be taken into consideration.

Alternative to Current Risks

Suppliers to small and medium business have a new alternative to being merited fully and on time. If a supplier chooses to accept payment for their customer orders through the alternative method, Behalf, payment is ensured by a trusted third party directly into the supplier’s account.

Behalf for Suppliers

Behalf provides a new, alternative and secure method for businesses to complete successful transactions with one another. The small business loans that Behalf provides to customers benefit both the customers and the supplier. Suppliers to small and medium businesses often deal with the worries of receiving payments on time, the decision of when to make delivery to customers based on payments received and the headache of determining credit lines to provide your customers.

Behalf provides an ideal payment situation that works for both the supplier and customer so goods and payments are received easily, on time and fully paid for. Behalf covers the funding for customers so that the supplier can deliver the supplies and the customer can keep operating successfully thereby repeating and increasing supplier orders which in turn make your business more profitable and successful.