How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

By December 4, 2013Small Business

When we think about post Cyber Monday discounts we normally associate it with Amazon and other huge online retailers, but this stretch of time also offers huge potential for small businesses to boost their sales in the run-up to Christmas. Here are our top 3 tips for maximising your post Cyber Monday sales for small businesses:

1. Make your discounts count

There’s no point offering discounts and sales that aren’t going to wow. Remember you are competing against all the big name brands, so you need big sales to attract their customers. Check your numbers carefully though, there’s no point selling at a loss.

2. Use social media to promote yourself

From Cyber Monday until Christmas customers are being bombarded by sales and special offers. Put your offers where they will be seen, via your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages so your customers won’t miss them. You also might want to consider Facebook sponsored ads for over this weekend.

3. Use your network to reach extra customers

Yes, huge international companies have more resources than you do, but you have an extra advantage they can only dream of: your network. Tell friends and family to help you promote your special seasonal sales, use local bulletin boards, home to home advertising and other personal resources to reach your local community. People are often happier to give their money to small businesses, especially if you can match the big online companies when it comes to prices.

How do you maximise your holiday sales? What tips can you offer other small business for boosting holiday sales?