How to Make Easier Marketing Decisions with the Cloud

You’ve been sitting at your desk for a while now, unable to figure out what the right decision is. The same doubts and concerns keep running through your head, and there’s no way of quieting them.

We’ve all been there. How are you supposed to formulate a marketing strategy when basing customer preference off of guess work? With so many engagement platforms out there, how can you decide which will give you the most ROI?

The whole model of the structure of marketing, engagement and financing is changing. In the background, the cloud is running seamlessly through all these platforms. And it’s affecting all of us, whether or not we consciously realize it. For example, 74% of businesses that use the cloud do so for data analytics and market research.

Benjy Feinberg, CEO of Behalf, explains how you can use this awareness of the cloud’s impact on marketing platforms to make better decisions for YOUR business, and what you should watch out for.

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