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Send my vendor
Min $300, Max $50,000
and I'll pay it back in
on a schedule that is

Behalf will pay my vendor
and debit my account
$ / week

*Estimate based on monthly financing rate of 1.5%. Your rate will be determined upon application approval.

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Benefits of Behalf

Finance Any Purchase

Use Behalf in place of cash or checks to fund equipment, inventory or anything else your business needs

Get Flexible Terms

Select your own short-term payment schedule and enjoy up to 6 months of extra time on each purchase

Save 10% On Finance Fees

Get 10% off finance fees for choosing a weekly plan

The Majority of Behalf Customers Surveyed in 2016 Said Their
Behalf Rate Is Lower Than Their Credit Card.

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compares to the total cost of business

financing with your other business

financing solutions.

When we send payment on your Behalf,
Your Finance Fees Stay Under Control.


Monthly fees start at just 1%

Fees are based on applicant’s creditworthiness

  • Free To Apply
  • Simple, Fixed Rate
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Set Debit Schedules

Get Terms On Any Invoice
when we remit payment on your Behalf

Complete our financing application and your credit line will be immediately available to pay vendors.

Why Behalf?

It’s not a credit card. It’s not a traditional loan. It’s the best of both worlds.

Like a card, Behalf is convenient and gives you extra time to pay. Like a business loan, Behalf can fund purchases for vendors that only accept cash.

Behalf is a smart solution for working capital.

Using a Behalf line instead of cash increases your purchase capacity. With affordable rates and automatic debits from your bank account, Behalf keeps finance fees under control.

Purchase financing you can use to fund your business buying today.

Get an instant decision with no paperwork and no trips to the bank. The funding you need to power your business is just minutes away.