Small and medium businesses are the economic engine of the economy

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Companies with less than 20 employees accounted for 42% of new jobs created in 2013. And when you count businesses up to 499 employees, that number goes even higher (64% of total job growth, April 2013). Starting back as far as 2009, it was a mathematical inevitability that the economic recovery would be lead by SMBs. Paul Kedrosky used the metaphor of a drunkard’s walk to describe how SMBs would fuel the job economy. An inebriated bar-goer, leaving a bar…

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The Ideal Payment Solution for Small and Medium Business Owners

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Behalf is the ideal solution to provide small business loans to run your business and make payments to your suppliers. With a simple and quick application and approval process, funding of up to $5,000 is released directly to your suppliers so that you can focus your energies on running a successful and prosperous business and leave the business funding up to Behalf on orders from your suppliers. Behalf Mission We understand the hurdles and headaches you may face as a small business…

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