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Why You’ll Love Behalf: Chief Strategist/VP of Corporate Strategy

In today’s lightning-speed digital economy, eCommerce businesses must continually adapt and evolve to stay competitive and drive revenue. Finding the right partner, with the right solution for your customers, is becoming more challenging as new players enter an already crowded space.

Behalf is the established partner you need in our modern age. 

For 10+ years, Behalf has filled a critical need state in B2B financing: the ability for companies to offer their B2B customers financing at the point of purchase. Whether that’s in-purchase financing integrated directly into an e-commerce checkout experience, on the phone, or even as part of an offline flow, Behalf can customize and adapt to fit wherever business financing is needed most. 

Financing preferences including NET30 and extended financing 30 to 180 days are tailored to each unique qualified business customer, and Behalf fully integrates with popular platforms such as Magento, Big Commerce, and Shopify Plus so your customers can sign up and check out directly from your preferred platform. 

Why partner with Behalf? 

  • + 83 %

    in average order value (AOV)*
  • 25 %

    decline in cart abandons**
  • + 44 %

    growth in sales revenue***

Plus, you will enjoy all the benefits of choosing a financing partner with 10+ years of experience serving B2B merchants and their customers:

  • Over 21,000 merchant partners served to date
  • Dedicated account management and support
  • Customized onboarding and launch planning
  • Advanced decision-making models
  • Full-service marketing

Accelerate growth and stay competitive with Behalf. 

The right partnerships can open up new doors for your business, expanding your customer base and ultimately contributing to long-term growth and stability. Get Started with Behalf and discover the myriad benefits that come from partnering with a leader in innovative in-purchase financing solutions for B2B commerce.

*A national electronics distributor saw a 83% increase in AOV with customers that use Behalf vs. other ‘payment’ options (based on sales data from Q1 2017 – Q2 2018).

**A national electronics distributor saw shopping cart abandonment drop by approximately 25% for first time customers in October 2015..

***A national electronic distributor saw a 44% increase in revenue and 80% increase in purchase frequency in the 18 months since launching Behalf as a ‘payment’ offering, measured in May 2017.

*Merchants accepting payments for commercial transactions that are facilitated by Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transfer payment are subject to cut-off times, business hours, terms and conditions of Behalf. Processing timelines may vary by the receiving party. Federal bank holidays are excluded.  

*Subject to underwriting approval. Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice and vary by financing product type. Behalf’s NET financing option is an alternative financing method offered through Select Merchants where commercially viable and allows the Business Customer to pay no financing fees if the Order Request is satisfied in full and in accordance with terms and conditions within 30 days. Estimated Debit Schedule is subject to Merchant Cash Advance terms and conditions and the  transaction agreement. Estimated Debit as listed in the portal under the Transaction Summary will set forth the estimated timing (the Debit Schedule) and amount (the “Debit Amount”) of the expected debits of the Total Outstandings and the amount of the Order Payment advanced. Each Estimated Debit is equivalent to a percentage of declared total gross business revenue. Business Customers that need to update their total annual gross revenue should contact or 1-(877) 943-9962. 

Extended Financing options include an estimated 30-180 days of commercial purpose financing.  Monthly cost may vary based upon financing product and amount financed.  

Visit to review  comprehensive program terms, conditions and disclosures. Questions should be directed to 1(877) 943-9962. All Merchant Cash Advances are made by Behalf.  All business loans are made by FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank located in Murray, Utah, member FDIC, Equal Opportunity Lender.  For more information on ECOA see HERE. For more information about opening a new account, review USA Patriot Act see HERE.  For more information on the Loan Program see HERE

+This post is for informational purposes only, not financial advice. Any reference to a website of another party does not constitute or imply endorsement.