Get Terms Everywhere

When we pay on your Behalf, you control your cash flow. Enjoy your choice of terms on everything you buy for your business.


Pay Any Vendor

Use Behalf in place of checks and put an end to worrying about who accepts your card

Get Longer Terms

Buy what your business needs today, then design your ideal payment schedule

Control Your Cash Flow

Pay vendors on your terms and get more working capital to power your business

Our fair and transparent fee structure keeps you in control


Monthly advance fees start at 1%

Fees are based on applicant’s creditworthiness

No Hidden Fees

  • No Origination Fee
  • No Annual Membership Fee
  • No Variable Rates
  • No Penalty APR
  • No Pre-Payment Fee
  • No Maintenance / Inactivity Fee

Many purchases are also eligible for Fee Free Net Payment Terms.Learn More 

Try it Yourself

I need to place an order for
I would like to spread my payments for this order over
and have my account debited
Behalf will advance your order payment today, and debit you

*Estimate based on Advance Fee of 1.5%. Your Fees will be determined upon application approval.

Take 30 seconds to complete our financing application and your Behalf line will be immediately available to pay vendors.

How it works

Why Behalf?

Behalf increases your working capital.

Using a Behalf line instead of cash increases your purchase capacity. It is the solution you have been looking for to help you scale.

Behalf is cash flow management on demand.

When you fund your small business with Behalf, you are always in control of your cash flow. You decide whether to pay for each purchase quickly or extend for up to six months.

Go beyond fixed Net payment terms.

Stop negotiating with your vendors and customize your own terms. Pay your vendors with Behalf and Net 30 payment terms will never hold you back again.

Behalf is responsible business funding.

Behalf is a Merchant Cash Advance AND a purchasing line of credit. With affordable rates and automatic debits from your bank account, Behalf keeps finance fees in check.

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