Announcing Our Partnership With FinWise Bank

By August 2, 2017General Business

We’ve entered into a partnership with FinWise Bank to expand our business credit offering. This partnership strengthens our resources and helps us empower more businesses with the on-demand cash flow tools they need to grow. Effective today, a portion of Behalf accounts will be funded by FinWise and we plan a full transition of our portfolio by the end of the year.

What This Means For Our Customers

There are no significant changes to our current product offering. As your Behalf account is migrated to the FinWise platform, you will receive a new set of Terms & Conditions to review and accept. You may also notice small adjustments to our end-to-end messaging.

Our partnership with FinWise makes it possible for us to bring more products and features to market in the future. Stay tuned for news and updates on new ways to take advantage of your Behalf business credit line.

Why FinWise

In their own words, “FinWise is the financial tech bank with a community heart.” They are a leading bank partner across the financial technology space and are a great fit for the Behalf value proposition. We look forward to collaborating with the FinWise Team to continuously innovate on Behalf of the financial needs of our merchant partners and customers.

Read the full Behalf press release here.