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Paying with Behalf

How do I create a payment?

Pay your vendors in just a few clicks.


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How do I use Behalf’s MasterCard feature?

Our virtual MasterCard feature allows you to conveniently use your Behalf credit line to fund purchases across the MasterCard network. Simply create an order to a MasterCard accepting business and we will generate a single-use card number for you to use at checkout. Since a Behalf MasterCard number can only be used once, it’s the most secure way to pay. View Step by Step Guide



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Does my vendor accept Behalf?

You can use Behalf to pay virtually any vendor. To check if your vendor accepts Behalf, click CREATE A PAYMENT on your Behalf account dashboard. This reveals our search bar where you can begin typing the name of any business to see if they are already set-up to receive payments. If their name doesn’t appear, click ADD A NEW PAYEE to register your vendor with our network of business payees. Behalf can only pay suppliers that are registered U.S. businesses with a U.S. bank account, like yourself.

How do I add a new business payee?

You can pay virtually any business vendor.


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How do I change/cancel a payment?

If you’ve already submitted the payment, you must contact your vendor to request a refund. Follow the instructions here.

If you haven’t yet clicked SUBMIT, your payment is still pending. Visit the PAYMENTS tab on your Behalf dashboard to view any payments you previously started. From here, you can click COMPLETE PAYMENT to edit and/or submit your pending payment or click CANCEL PAYMENT to delete it from your account.

How do I request a refund?

If you paid with a Behalf virtual MasterCard, your vendor can process a refund using the same one-time use card number. To initiate a non-card refund, please send an email to To expedite the processing of your request, please include your payment details in the email and CC: your vendor, who will need to perform a few steps to complete your refund. Please allow 10 business days for us to work with your vendor to reverse the charge and post the refund to your Behalf account.

Are there limits to how much I can pay with Behalf?

Behalf has a maximum line size of $50,000 that it can extend in instant purchase capacity to each business customer. Our minimum transaction size is $300 and there is no upper limit on individual purchase transactions.

If you need to process a payment above our platform standard, please contact to learn more about our custom underwriting process.

Is there anything I can’t purchase with Behalf?

Your Behalf account can only be used to pay other registered U.S. businesses for purchases of business goods and services. You cannot use your Behalf account to make payments against existing debt, including credit card bills and loans, or to fund your payroll and rent. Payments to yourself or other private citizens are also prohibited by the Behalf Terms of Use.

How fast does my vendor get paid?

Once your payees are registered with Behalf, each of your payments will be received within 1 business day.

The first time Behalf pays a new vendor it can take several days. We can conveniently settle many payments quickly via the MasterCard network. However, some vendors have unique requirements that we must meet before we can pay. We recommend that you submit any orders to new vendors 1 week prior to your payment due date to account for this effort.  If you have an urgent payment to a new payee, please follow-up your order submission with a request for assistance to

How does my vendor get paid?

Behalf settles payment with vendors two ways: via the MasterCard network or by electronic bank transfer.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

When you create your next payment, look for the “How will ‘Your Vendor’ get paid?” link and hover to reveal your vendor’s details.

Accepting Behalf

How can I start accepting Behalf?

1. Register for a Behalf account here.*
2. Click on ACCEPT BEHALF to complete account setup.
3. Complete the application and a member of our Account Management team will contact you with next steps.

*If you’re already a Behalf customer, use a different email address to register as a merchant.

Is there a fee to accept Behalf?

If you are a MasterCard accepting merchant, you can conveniently process Behalf payments over the MasterCard network. Standard MasterCard rates apply.

Should you work with Behalf directly, you can accept deposits by bank transfer at a credit card-beating rate. Our standard agreement provides your customers with free Net 30 Terms at a transaction fee of 2%. Use our calculator to experiment with how the Net Terms you offer your customers affect your Transaction Fee.

How do I process a Behalf MasterCard?

For your convenience, Behalf payments can be accepted over the MasterCard network. We generate a single-use MasterCard number, linked to your customer’s Behalf account, for you to process according to standard MasterCard merchant procedures. Since a Behalf MasterCard2 can only be used once, it is a more secure way to pay.

View Step by Step Guide

Why is my customer’s transaction in review?

“In Review” status occurs if we need to clarify information prior to completing a transaction. Common issues include typos in transaction details or incorrect bank account numbers. Our team will attempt to resolve the discrepancy on our own and will reach out to the customer for any needed additional information, as needed.

How do I change/cancel a transaction?

If the customer has not yet confirmed the transaction…

  • The customer should “cancel” the payment with the incorrect details by logging into his or her account and going to their DASHBOARD. Under PAYMENTS, the customer can cancel the payment. A new payment can be created with the correct details.

If the customer has already confirmed the transaction…

  • Contact your Account Manager by sending an email to Please include the name of your company and the Order ID or Customer Email Address in question (if applicable) in the subject line. Please tell us what is being changed (payment amount, order ID, description, etc).

Managing Your Account

How do I sign into my Behalf account?

To sign into your Behalf account, please go to

We have two options for sign in. You can sign in by either entering your password* OR using the email verification option.

The email verification option allows Behalf to send you a single-use pin code via email, simplifying your Behalf sign in process. This method is secure and recommended.

Please note, if you have a current password and decide to use our email sign in option, your password will remain valid.

*The password option is only available if it was defined during the sign up process.

If I forgot my password or never created a password, how can I sign into my Behalf account?

If you cannot find or remember your password OR never created a password, please follow the below instructions to sign in using the email option.

  • Step 1: On the sign in page provide your email and click Continue.
  • Step 2: Click on the email option then, click Continue.
  • Step 3: Check your inbox for an email from Behalf.
  • Step 4: Insert the pin code provided, into the Pin Code field, and click Next.
  • Note: If you are unable to sign in, please click the “Unable to Sign in” link to find out why.

If you continue having trouble signing into your Behalf account, please consider the following:

  • Please be sure that you have successfully signed up with Behalf. If not, please sign up or complete the signup process by going to and selecting your preference to “Get Financing” or “Offer Financing”.
  • Please ensure that you are using the correct email or email/password combination.
  • When using the email option to sign in, if you cannot find the email sent to you, please ensure you are using the correct email and check all email folders (spam, etc.).

If you forgot your Behalf email address or require further assistance, please reach out to

Can I pay off my balance early?

To pay early, email with the subject line “Pay Early – Order ID or Purchase Description”. Please include the name of your company, the amount you want to pay, and state your preferred payment method. Should you wish to pay with a credit card to expedite your early payment, fees may apply.

How can I check my spending power?

Log into your Behalf account and look for AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASING on your dashboard. The amount shown is how much you have currently available to spend.

Should you want to pay off your outstanding balance early to free up additional spend capacity, please email your request to

What is Behalf’s policy for Funds Availability?

Behalf debits are conveniently drawn directly from your business bank account on the schedule you set. We utilize the ACH network, which has a standard processing time of 3 business days.

We make every effort to clear funds as quickly as possible and, in some cases, we are able to do this instantly. Check your AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASING on your account dashboard for an up-to-date view of which payments have posted and which may still be in process.

How can I change my password?

To change your current password, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your Behalf account by clicking here.
  2. In the blue sidebar on the left, click on “Profile”.
  3. Click on the “Change Password” button.
  4. Enter your new password (if required, also enter your current password).
  5. Select “Change Password”.

How do I make changes to my account information?

1. Sign into your Behalf account.

2. Click on PROFILE in the navigation menu to easily edit your contact info, bank accounts, and account settings.

3. To edit account owner name, company name, SSN or date of birth, please fill out the form here.

How do I add or modify my debit bank?

You can add a new debit bank or update the bank details you currently have on file.


Demo is not available on mobile

Where can I find my digital MasterCard?

Each time you create a payment to a MasterCard accepting business, a new single-use digital MasterCard is generated. If you have misplaced the email with the card details, you can access them any time from your secure Behalf account. Identify the correct order payment on either the Dashboard or Payments tab, then click the arrow next to PAYMENT GENERATED to reveal the card details. Remember, each one time use card will expire within two weeks if it is not charged.

How Behalf Works

Is there always a fee to use Behalf?

No. Many vendors partner with Behalf to offer their customers Net Terms, giving them a period of 7-45 days of extra time for free. To see if your preferred vendor offers this option, look for “Net Terms” in your payment screen. If they don’t and you’d like them to, feel free to ask them to reach out to us at

Who can use Behalf?

Behalf is accessible by all registered U.S. businesses with a U.S. business bank account. The primary user of each Behalf account must also be a United States resident.

Why do you need my online banking credentials?

For additional security, we require you to log-in to your bank account to verify your ownership of the linked account. This prevents unauthorized account use and also confirms that we can access the linked account over the ACH network to automatically draw your scheduled repayments. We use bank-level data encryption while accessing your information.

How does Behalf protect my information?

We only collect and store the data required to successfully facilitate your transactions. We use bank-level data encryption to protect any information you provide.

Will Behalf check my credit?

When you apply for a Behalf account, Behalf will make a one-time, hard personal credit inquiry as part of our determination of your eligibility for a commercial business loan. On an ongoing basis, Behalf will perform periodic ‘soft’ credit checks to monitor your eligibility for any changes of terms. These ‘soft’ credit checks may appear on your credit report but have no impact on your credit score.

Can Behalf build business credit?

Behalf reports information about your business loan and payment activity to Experian, Equifax, and Dun and Bradstreet. So, switching your cash payments to Behalf can contribute to a stronger business credit profile.

What is Auto-Pay?

Enrolling in Auto-Pay authorizes a vendor to charge your Behalf account directly, eliminating order confirmation steps. If you choose to enroll in this feature with any of your vendors you will also need to establish default terms for future orders. For example, you may select to pay all orders with ABC & Co. by Net 15 while setting up any orders with Acme Inc. to debit weekly over the course of 180 days.

Auto-Pay is controlled at the vendor level and you can conveniently enroll as you are creating your next order. To deactivate Auto-Pay, please visit your account profile settings.

When can I contact Behalf?

Customer Support is available Monday thru Friday 9am – 5pm EST. Please email or call (877) 943-9962 to speak with a member of our team. Responses to emails and telephone are within 24 hours.

Is my Behalf account an MCA or a business loan?

Behalf offers both MCAs and business loans, funded by FinWise Bank, a Utah-charted bank located in Sandy, Utah, member FDIC. Check the transaction agreement you received when you submitted your last vendor payment to understand the specifics of your Behalf business credit product.

What is FinWise?

Behalf is now offering business loans in partnership with FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank located in Sandy, Utah, member FDIC. This partnership makes it possible for Behalf to expand its business credit offering. All Behalf accounts will be funded by FinWise by the end of 2017.

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