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By July 21, 2020Merchants
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Merchant Invites:

Merchants can invite their customers to sign up with Behalf. They have several options:
– Use the customer invite button located at the top right of their Behalf merchant Dashboard
– Send a customer invite link by email
– Add Behalf’s widget to the merchant’s website

Merchant’s should contact Behalf’s Merchant Support ( if they have any questions.


Merchant Payment Report:

A merchant’s payment report lists the payments that were made to the merchant’s business during a specific period of time. The report can include the name of the customer, the dates the transactions were submitted and paid out, as well as the amount of the transaction. 

To create a report, merchants should do the following:

– Sign into their Behalf merchant account
– Click on the Payments tab found on the left side of the Dashboard
– Click on the “Export Report” option found at the top right of the Payments screen (see below):

– Choose a pre-set period of time or click on “Pick a Date Range” to manually choose the date range
– Choose the type of information you would like included in the report
Click on Submit

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