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How do I change my business name?

Please reach out to to request a business name change. 

A secure upload link will be provided via email, so that you can move forward and begin the process of submitting:

1. Business registration documentation showing the new business name.
2. The new business name and EIN (Employer Identification Number), if applicable.
3. Additional documentation updating Behalf of any other changes like the bank information, business address, email address, etc.

Adding / Updating Account Password

In order to add or update your Account password, you will need to do the following:

 – Sign into your Account (
 – Click on your name, found on the left side of your Behalf dashboard, to open a small drop-down
 – Click on the Settings option
 – Click on “Change Password” (see screenshot below):

– Enter in the new password and then confirm by entering in the password a second time (see below):

*The password rules (e.g. at least eight characters, etc.) will be visible once you start entering the information into the new password field.
 – Click on Next
 – You will be asked to enter in a verification code that was sent to the email address listed on the account (see screenshot below):






– Click “Change Password” to complete the process