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By August 13, 2019Merchants
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How do I change my payout method?

Behalf pays merchants in one of two ways:

1. ACH (Automated Clearing House) bank transfer
2. Virtual Card

Behalf merchants may accept only one type of payout method. If the payout method currently assigned to your business’s Behalf merchant account is not your preferred method of payment, please reach out to to request that your payment method be changed.

If you are looking to receive payment via ACH bank transfer, you will need to provide your business’ ACH business banking information via the Behalf portal. Please follow the steps below:

1) Log into your Behalf account:
2) Click on your name, found on the left side of your Behalf dashboard, to open a small drop-down.
3) Click on the Settings option.
4) Navigate to the bank section, click on ADD OR UPDATE BANK and login using the same username and password that you use when logging into your bank’s online banking system.
5) Make sure that you are using the correct banking credentials. You can verify this by testing the username and password on your bank’s website.Please click here for steps to add your business bank account.


Merchant Payout Method Facts

Facts about Virtual Cards:

– A merchant being paid by virtual card is not required to be signed up with Behalf.
– After submitting a transaction to pay a virtual card merchant, if it is approved, the customer will receive an email notification which contains a link to the virtual card information
– The customer would then provide the virtual card details to the merchant online, in order to complete the payment, just like any credit card transaction. It is at the merchant’s discretion to accept the virtual card details by phone or in person.
– The merchant must then process the virtual card’s information in order to authorize the transaction. Please note that the merchant can’t provide authorization for more than the amount listed in the transaction.
– If the merchant provides authorization for less than the transaction amount, please note that once the payout is completed, the unused funds are added back to the customer’s balance. The payout’s posting depends on when the merchant captures the funds.
– Please note that some merchants try to authorize the virtual card multiple times because of split payments, but unfortunately, the virtual cards only allow one authorization per transaction.
– Once a virtual card transaction is approved, it will remain active for 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, the transaction will automatically be cancelled by the system. 

 Facts about ACH: 

In order for a merchant to receive a payout by ACH, they need to sign up with Behalf and agree to the terms and conditions, as well as a fee.
– The customer’s merchant will be paid on the next business day, after the transaction has been approved.
– Most merchant accounts that have an ACH payout method, offer NET terms. The decision to offer NET and the number of NET days offered is at the merchant’s discretion.
– Any transaction submitted after 5pm EST, will be processed the next business day, delaying the payout by an additional business day.
– Once the customer’s ACH payment is approved, they can’t change the amount or cancel the transaction.
– The customer’s debit schedule will be emailed to the customer, as well as be visible under the Payments tab in the customer’s account, once the payout is fully processed.

How to see a merchant’s payout method

When you are creating a transaction to pay your merchant, there is an easy way to check the payment method assigned to the merchant’s account. Just follow the steps below:

– Log into your customer account
– Click on Create Payment
– Enter in your merchant’s business name
– At the top of the next page, just under the merchant’s business address, you’ll see the green colored text, “How will ‘Merchant’s Business Name‘ get paid?”.  Hover your mouse over the green text and a pop-up will appear..
– If the information provided says, “After your Merchant payment is approved, we will pay them on your Behalf within 1 business day.”, your merchant’s payment method is by ACH. If the information provided says, “After you will submit the payment we will generate a digital card for you to use to checkout online, over the phone, or in-store”, your merchant’s payment method is by using a virtual card (VISA).