Changing payout method

By August 13, 2019Merchants
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How do I change my payout method?

Behalf pays merchants in one of two ways:

1. ACH (Automated Clearing House) bank transfer
2. Virtual Card

Behalf merchants may accept only one type of payout method. If the payout method currently assigned to your business’s Behalf merchant account is not your preferred method of payment, please reach out to to request that your payment method be changed.

If you are looking to receive payment via ACH bank transfer, you will need to provide your business’ ACH business banking information via the Behalf portal. Please follow the steps below:

1) Log into your Behalf account:
2) Click on “Profile” on the left sidebar of your Behalf dashboard.
3) When you navigate to the bank verification screen, you will login using the same username and password that you use when logging into your bank’s online banking system.
4) Make sure that you are using the correct banking credentials. You can verify this by testing the username and password on your bank’s website.Please click here for steps to add your business bank account.