Qualifying purchases

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Is there anything my business can’t purchase with Behalf? Your business can use Behalf to purchase goods or services utilized for business purposes. Business customers are permitted to purchase inventory, manage payments for large business services, or manage cash flow on other merchant-provided expenses. Behalf customers cannot use Behalf to: – Pay for existing debt including credit card bills, bank loans, phone bills, travel expenses, educational expenses, rent, or employee payroll – Pay yourself or your business directly or on…

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Who is Behalf?

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Who is Behalf? Behalf is transforming the way businesses do payments, paying merchants upfront and offering customers the payment terms they need – providing risk-free, automated financing for transactions of all sizes. We are based in New York City and have offices in Israel, and have been in business since 2011. To learn more about offering financing to your business customers, click here. To learn more about getting financing for your business, click here.

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