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By September 12, 2019Payment
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How do I pay my merchant with the virtual card feature?

Simply create an order to a credit card-accepting business and we will generate a single-use, virtual card number for you to use at checkout. Since your virtual card number can only be used once, it’s the most secure way to pay.

Please note:
•   Your virtual card remains active for two weeks.
•   Virtual cards are to be used exclusively with your requested merchant. Any use of your card at an alternative merchant or on an unsupported financial platform will not be accepted.
•   In most cases, virtual cards are provided directly to you, the customer, to be used during the checkout process.
•   You will get email instructions on how to use your virtual card, but your card will also be available under the “Payments” tab of your Behalf dashboard.
•   In rare instances, your merchant will be provided a virtual card directly after your payment is approved.
•  If all or part of the requested virtual card payment amount is unused, the unused amount will be credited back to your account.



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