Drive a best-in-class B2B payment experience

Behalf is collaborating with AWS to deliver pay-over-time solutions to businesses. Outsourcing b2b payments to Behalf is a win-win solution: your customers enjoy more purchasing power, and you get paid by the next business day.* 

Offer a seamless payment experience in any channel you sell

Extend no-fee terms and offer financing (30-180 days) to business customers in any channel you accept payments, regardless of transaction size.*

Increase operational efficiency with automation

Behalf places its trust in AWS (Amazon Web Services) to securely power its proprietary underwriting algorithm to process a large number of data points and dollars in real-time. Like AWS, Behalf brings simplicity, reliability, efficiency and cost reductions to businesses that offer extended payment terms and financing in real-time

When you outsource your terms and financing program to Behalf, we take care of the details: from underwriting and approving business customers to collecting funds.

Flexible Customization

Our API supports flexible customization, allowing you to promote growth across existing sales channels.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate Behalf seamlessly with our eCommerce platform extensions for BigCommerce and Magento

Automate Reconciliation

Integrate Behalf with your order management system, automating your reconciliation process.

Keep Customers On Site

Embed Behalf’s online application on your existing website so business customers may quickly qualify for net terms and financing.*

Get paid by the next business day

Accelerate receivables and increase inventory turnover. Behalf ensures you’ll get paid the next business day after transaction approval while your business customers set a payment schedule that works for their business.

Increase revenue and customer loyalty

Access to more buying power = happy business customers with control over their cash flow. Our B2B merchant partners have seen up to:

83% increase in AOV*

80% increase in purchase frequency*

44% growth in sales revenue*

Reduce costs

Outsourcing your terms/financing program to Behalf may save up to $18 per invoice in AR costs and up to 2.6% savings on the cost of waiting DSO 30.*

See how much you might save:

ROI Calculator

How it Works

Your customer heads online to sign up for net terms/financing with Behalf.

Once qualified, the business customer can submit payment through Behalf.

You’ll get paid by the next business day after the transaction approval.


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