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Why You’ll Love Behalf: SMB Customers

As a business owner, you need to get supplies regularly for your company. However, larger or unexpected purchases such as replacing a piece of essential equipment may fall outside of your everyday budget, and paying in full may put your business under significant financial stress. At times like these, you need a smarter alternative that allows the merchant to get paid but won’t tie up your free cash flow. 

Meet Behalf: A partner your B2B business can count on. 

Behalf is a revolutionary in-purchase financing solution designed to help SMBs free up capital through business financing that allows them to make critical purchases without managing the entire payment upfront. We set out to create a convenient alternative to predatory financing options or high-interest rates that benefits business buyers and merchants alike. So far Behalf has onboarded more than 135,000 business customers and 21,000+ merchants and provided over $1 billion in financing. 

How does in-purchase financing benefit your business?

In-purchase financing is not a loan or a credit card. Alternative to new consumer-focused Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platforms such as Affirm and Klarna, it is a method of business financing that frees up capital to allow more freedom to make large purchases without the total amount upfront or signing up for other/high fee financing options. With in-purchase financing, provide your business annual gross income, set up an Estimated Debit Schedule* that works for your business—from NET30* to 180 days based on eligibility and approval criteria. Your merchant gets paid in the short term, while you enjoy your business’ extended cash flow freedom.* 

In-purchase financing may be the perfect match if your business enjoys…

  • Better buying power
  • More flexibility in your spending
  • Better relationships with merchants
  • Set financing preferences that work for your business* 
  • Financing options selected for each individual transaction
  • Free up cash flow to better plan for future purchases

We’d love to get to know you better. 

With Behalf, you can be confident your business has the purchasing power it needs, when and where you need it with each approved transaction. Sign up today and start enjoying the many benefits of in-purchase financing. The eligibility check is quick and easy, and you can enroll in under two minutes!  Once enrolled, you can apply for financing at each transaction in the Behalf merchant’s e-Commerce checkout.

*Merchants accepting payments for commercial transactions that are facilitated by Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transfer payment are subject to cut-off times, business hours, terms and conditions of Behalf. Processing timelines may vary by the receiving party. Federal bank holidays are excluded.  

*Subject to underwriting approval. Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice and vary by financing product type. Behalf’s NET financing option is an alternative financing method offered through Select Merchants where commercially viable and allows the Business Customer to pay no financing fees if the Order Request is satisfied in full and in accordance with terms and conditions within 30 days. Estimated Debit Schedule is subject to Merchant Cash Advance terms and conditions and the  transaction agreement. Estimated Debit as listed in the portal under the Transaction Summary will set forth the estimated timing (the Debit Schedule) and amount (the “Debit Amount”) of the expected debits of the Total Outstandings and the amount of the Order Payment advanced. Each Estimated Debit is equivalent to a percentage of declared total gross business revenue. Business Customers that need to update their total annual gross revenue should contact or 1-(877) 943-9962. 

Extended Financing options include an estimated 30-180 days of commercial purpose financing.  Monthly cost may vary based upon financing product and amount financed.  

Visit to review  comprehensive program terms, conditions and disclosures. Questions should be directed to 1(877) 943-9962. All Merchant Cash Advances are made by Behalf.  All business loans are made by FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank located in Murray, Utah, member FDIC, Equal Opportunity Lender.  For more information on ECOA see HERE. For more information about opening a new account, review USA Patriot Act see HERE.  For more information on the Loan Program see HERE

+This post is for informational purposes only, not financial advice. Any reference to a website of another party does not constitute or imply endorsement.